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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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French police foiled an assassination attempt on French President Mr.Macron

The French police have foiled an assassination plot against French President Emmanuel Macron.

Police say the self-described far right nationalist planned to shoot Mr Macron as he presided over a military parade with US President Donald Trump to celebrate the French national day on July 14.

The suspect was arrested on Wednesday in the northwest Paris suburb of Argenteuil by anti-terror services, and was charged with “individual terrorist activity”.

Security forces were alerted by users of a video game site, after the suspect posted about allegedly wanting to buy a Kalashnikov-type weapon to commit an attack.

He threatened police with a kitchen knife during the arrest.

The Paris prosecutor described the man as unstable but conscious of his actions and determined to carry them out, and police said they believed he was acting alone.

Mr Macron vowed to lift a state of emergency that has been in place since 2015 while also hardening permanent security measures to fight Islamic extremism and other threats. Macron said his government would, “work to prevent any new attack, and we will work to fight [the assailants] without pity, without regrets, without weakness”.

Last year, 86 people were killed in a truck attack during Bastille Day festivities in Nice, France.

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