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French President Macron meets Russian President Putin

The newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron has met the Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday. Later, Macron said he had a “frank exchange” in their first ever face to face meeting.

The meeting took place at Versailles palace near Paris.

Both the leaders discussed on various issues which has been affecting the bilateral ties including the Syrian conflict which has been drawing a flak from the European nations. Syria has the backing of Russia.

France is in the coalition backing Sunni Arab and Kurdish rebels opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has strong military help from Russia and Iran.

In a joint news conference after the talks, the leaders said there were opportunities for their countries to work together more closely. Mr Macron said he is looking toward strengthening France’s partnership with Russia against the fight with so called Islamic State(ISIS) and wanted a democratic transition. He also said that usage of Chemical Weapons would draw immediate response from France which is already fighting terrorism in its own soil.

The Crimean conflict has also been discussed since France has taken a firm decision with regards to Russia’s intervention in this. Putin has used this opportunity to bring up this issue since western nation has imposed a sanction on Russia after it annexed Crimea in 2014.Both Macron and Putin agreed to revive joint working groups, and to reconvene talks with Germany.


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