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Saturday , 20 July 2019
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Fresh Destinations – Self Drive Road Trips from Chennai

Travellers living in Chennai are spoilt for choice. Well-maintained highways and rich landscapes and culture result in a host of destinations available to explore at any point in time. Some are more popular than the others, but the lesser-known ones too have a unique charm about them. Planning a trip is easy – the ingredients are some curiousity, a car rental app, and a bunch of friends. Here are some of the offbeat spots in Tamil Nadu that need to be visited.


Kotagiri can be considered a mini-Ooty, without the crowds and noise of the latter. One can just walk around the town and explore the orchards and tea gardens and that would be a fulfilling experience in itself. The Catherine Falls provide a dramatic sight, flanked by verdant forests on the steep mountainside. This hill town is a 10-hour drive from Chennai and stops include Erode and Salem.


Not many will be able to find a deep Scandinavian connection to the humid beaches of Southern India but that is the surprise about Tranquebar. Located on the East Coast road this town was a Danish colony for centuries and is home to the largest Danish fort outside Denmark. Fort Dansborg houses many artifacts from this intriguing chapter of history and the secluded beaches also provide a good stage to catch a sunrise.

Muttom Beach

Close to the temples of Kanyakumari, one will find Muttom. It is a place to quietly observe crashing waves and the hardy routine of the fishermen who call this place home. The lighthouse is one of the main structures on the beach and a children’s park makes it an ideal place to go with the family.


Dense forests and high altitude make Sirumalai a much-loved natural recluse after exploring the lanes and temples of Madurai. The hills are located 460 kms from Chennai and make for a perfect weekend getaway.MathamalaiAnnaiVeilankanni Church is a famous pilgrimage site located on one of the summits of Sirumalai Hills.

Pachamalai Hills

350 kms south of Chennai, one can soak in the natural beauty and panoramic views of Pachamalai Hills, a part of the Eastern Ghats. The place is abundant with streams and waterfalls, the most famous being the Koraiyar Falls. The Veeraramar Dam is another good location for sightseeing. The hills are starting to attract many hikers and the forests here are home to many rare butterflies.

Choose the Self Drive Option

Rentals are becoming the preferred way to travel for many. Travellers enjoy privacy and total freedom over the pace of the journey, not to mention the extra space. App-based Zoomcar is a very popular car rental in Chennai because of its affordable rates and easy booking process. Travellers can choose from the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs and they also enjoy 24/7 on-road support.

Beyond the beaten path, a host of destinations are ready to mesmerize those who are ready to explore Tamil Nadu. Sit behind the wheel and take control – discover the hidden treasures of this Southern state.

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