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From ancient Kolar mines to modern Shubh Jewellers, India has been meeting world’s gold requirements

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Did you know that India has been meeting gold requirements of the world since the ancient times? The country’s Kolar mines in Karnataka were used to make jewelleries, ornaments in far flung towns of the Indus Valley and Mesopotamian Civilization. To this day, we have beautiful creations of the past times, preserved in the museums. Thus, it would be interesting to find where the nation stands in the modern times?

As per the data available on trading economies, India holds 10th highest gold reserves in the world, where Karnataka leads the chart with about 17.5 million ton. With market size of about $80 billion, expected players are on the rise, thus purity and design has become basic requirements of the consumers.

When consistency meets passion, a quality product comes out, and this is something that can be associated with Rajesh Mehta’s Shubh Jewellers— maintaining and meeting both the local as well as global demands in the last decade.

Shubh Jewellers has about 80 stores in Karnataka, dealing in aesthetic gold jewellery. With traditional methods in its backdrop, Rajesh Exports owned Shubh Jewellers has a catalog of about 25,000 designs, generally used on occasions like Karnataka Coorgi and Mangalore bunt wedding. One prime premise that makes Shubh Jewellers ahead of its competitors is its 0 gram wastage- owing to its manufacturing process, making it a well- known and favorite amongst people in Karnataka and all over the world.

The company is capable of refining about 2,400 ton gold per annum with the production capacity of 400 ton jewellery. Rajesh Mehta’s Shubh Jewellers recently launched “Shubh Challenge” —a challenge stating that a customer can’t get a better combination of design, purity and price across the world. This can only happen when you have instilled confidence in your manufacturing process. “Our prices are 5- 6% lower than other jewellers because we are a vertically integrated company and incur costs of 2.5- 3%, while our competitors incur 11- 12% cost,” said Rajesh Mehta.

Accessibility to authentic raw material coupled with superlative manufacturing process and designing abilities has made Shubh Jewellers one of the largest Indian gold retailers. Continued progress and innovative ideas have the potential to make Shubh Jewellers the most trusted brand at the global level. If we continue to have such authentic array of Indian jewellery brands, then the day is not far when India would have the world’s largest gold reserve.

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