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Frustrated employee writes resignation letter on toilet paper

Creativity can sprout anywhere, even in the seemingly mundane task of writing a resignation letter. In one such example of creativity, a frustrated employee has written his resignation letter on a piece of toilet paper. The image of the resignation letter was uploaded on Reddit by the man’s wife. The Reddit post says that the employee was so frustrated with the company that he decided to write his resignation letter on a piece of toilet paper. The letter reads, “I have chosen this type of paper for my 2 week resignation as a symbol of how I feel this company has treated me, and ironically, how it is disposed of is where I feel the company is going”.

At the bottom of the letter, there’s a hand drawn picture of a commode, which has been used to describe where the company might be heading in the days to come. The resignation letter on toilet paper has gone viral, attracting lakhs of views and hundreds of comments. The letter has received a mixed response from viewers, many of whom have come out in support whereas others have criticized the move. It may be difficult to verify if the letter was actually submitted to the company, but it does reveal the frustrations that many of us may have experienced while working in a company.

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