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Frustration of two individuals with Formal Education gave birth to a startup!

Two Individuals from Gwalior, completely frustrated with the formal education system, one belonging to a small town of Bhander, where the only focus was that of scoring good in academics which kept him deprived of practical exposure and another was a frog in tub, a native of Gwalior, who realized it until he moved to Nagpur, where he came to know that degree and certificates were only a piece of paper and were not backed up with his career only once skills set are going to decide ones path on career.

This disappointment of them with formal education made them realize that something should be changed in the education system. Thus, this gave rise to an ideology of alternative learning space of providing extra – curricular and co – curricular workshops for experiential learning of students of tier 2 and tier 3 cities, so that they retain learning and not just mug up information.

This ideology took a concrete structure around a year ago in February 2018. Workshopopedia is a concrete example of experimentation. It has been in the experimentation phase for around eight months.

It has been one year since Workshopopedia has started working and they have come across various challenges, the major challenge that they faced was that the concept of alternative learning space is not easily understandable to people of tier 2 and tier 3 people, so it was difficult to implement this ideology in schools and colleges but luckily the team that they have, has made it possible that today they have got 5 schools associations and still counting. Providing extra – curricular activities to small towns and villages have been a great opportunity to deal with, as this segment is untapped and has a lot to experiment with.

The self sustainability of organization and associations with more than 2000 schools and colleges till 2025 and benefitting more than 2,00,000 students all around the country in the real sense is their mission 2025 that they foresee.

Founders have a lot of learnings during their entrepreneurial journey! The ups and downs are still going, but these learnings continue to be the golden insights of them for moving forward.

Krishnkant Chaturvedi (Co-founder), a 20-years old strategy enthusiast quotes “Clarity is not about knowing what to do, but it is about what not to do”.

Kaushal Sahu (Co-founder), a 22-years old marketing fellow says that “Entrepreneurship is a love story where you are committed to your work”.

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