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Monday , 17 June 2019
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Full-featured chronograph watch measures 1/1,000 of a second CITIZEN

PROMASTER Eco-Drive Racing Chronograph Analogue/digital model targeting motor sports lovers

CITIZEN is pleased to announce the launch of new Eco-Drive Racing Chronograph model in the PROMASTER LAND line. CITIZEN’s PROMASTER brand has long enjoyed high regard among professionals for durability, functionality, and ultimately a capacity to capture the imagination of users around the globe. These new models are full-fledged chronograph watches combining analogue and digital functions.

2015-07-10_17-44_CITIZEN PROMASTER Eco-DriveThis new Eco-Drive Racing Chronograph features both analogue and digital displays. The analogue display makes it easy to read time, while the digital display delivers a number of advanced functions. The most exciting function of this watch is its ability to measure up to 1/1,000 of a second (displayed digitally), which is an important unit of measure in motor sports. Once the course distance has been input in Racing Mode, the watch can measure average speed and top speed for circuit use. Measurements of 1/10 and 1/100 of a second are shown in analogue style. Users will be fascinated watching the 1/10 and 1/100 second chronograph hands turn with lightning speed and the futuristic functions on the digital display. World Time function also shows the time in 43 cities quickly on the digital display. All these various functions are controlled by the “U700” movement, CITIZEN’s industry-leading chronograph movement that manages both analogue and digital technologies with the highest performance. The watch design is inspired by the aggressiveness of motor sports and the exquisite toughness of a racing car.

CITIZEN’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology can generate power from any light source— artificial, natural and even dim light—to keep watches running without ever replacing batteries. CITIZEN Eco-Drive products are the first in the watch industry in Japan to be certified by the Eco Mark environmental program.

Product features

Measuring 1/1,000 second – a key unit of measurement in motor sports

The CITIZEN PROMASTER Eco-Drive Racing Chronograph is a full-featured chronograph watch capable of measuring 1/1,000 second—a standard unit of measurement for professional motor sports. The 1/1,000 second measurement is shown as a digital readout on the LCD at the bottom right of the watch face. With prior entry of course distance in Racing Mode, average speed and top speed are displayed instantly for the use on the race circuit. LAP mode memorizes data for up to 20 measurements, which is convenient for keeping track of lap times. These modes enable the Eco-Drive Racing Chronograph to serve as professional measurement tool for motor sports. The sub dial at 12 o’clock shows 1/10 and 1/100 second chronograph measurements in analogue. The lightning fast rotation of the hand displaying the 1/100 chronograph is not only a fun to see but also evidence of the watch’s high performance and precision.

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