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Wednesday , 20 March 2019
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Gangs changing IMEI numbers are a threat to national security

Gangs that use hacking software and specialized tools to change the IMEI number of mobile phones are giving a tough time to Delhi police. Yet another gang using the same modus operandi has been busted by Delhi police. According to investigations and the equipment seized, the gang was using customized software named ‘best smart tool’. The police have also recovered a specialized device called Z3xbox that is used to change the IMEI number. The police said that the device has been sourced from a China-based firm. The software and the device are used together with a laptop to easily change the IMEI number of a mobile in just a few steps.

IMEI numbers are often changed by gangs who deal in stolen mobile phones. However, the threat to national security is from gangs who may be involved with terror organizations. Once the IMEI number is changed and used by members of a terror organization, it would become extremely difficult for security agencies to track the owner of the mobile phone. What makes matters worse is that the process to change the IMEI number is quite simple. First, the existing IMEI number is erased and then a new one is added to it. Then, if a new SIM is inserted, the phone relays a new IMEI number to the towers.

Delhi police officials suspect that these gangs may have clients in J&K, the hotbed of terrorism in the country.

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