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Garrett Thomas: Businessman, Advertisement Expert, Entrepreneur

Garrett Owen Thomas, a prodigy in himself finds himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. From publicity to blogging, advertising and everything in between, this young lad has made it big for himself.

With ventures like Tropic Laundry and InsightCandy to his name, Owen started off his career as a technology publicist working for Fortune 500 companies. He then took it on to promote local restaurants in Arizona, preventing them from shutting down during the great economic depression of 2008.

Paving his path, he joined celebrity and RnB singer Jeremih in 2011 as his publicist. This led him to work with others in the industry, including B.o.B, Keshia Cole, Kevin Hart and more within a short span of time, bringing fame to himself and his clients.  He has worked with an endless list of actors, producers and musicians, promoting their brands and promoting his reach in the entertainment industry.

His strong background with an education from the International School of Kuala Lumpur and The Woodlands Highschool, TX, he soon turned writer for the Backstage Magazine, educating aspiring musicians about various arenas of the industry.Garrett is seen on CMT’s My Big Red Neck Vacation, playing himself- a popular celebrity publicist and presently lives in Hollywood,CA. Running two business while maintaining a regular blog and his other interests, he sure has his hands full!

Born to parents Carol and David Thomas, Garrett pursued an education from the University of Arizona before skyrocketing into his glorious career. Today, the boy from the little city of Oxnard, CA is recognized globally as former entertainment publicist turned businessman, contributing writer, and advertisingdata executive.

His venture, PressHarvest in a unique invite application, allowing users to participate in media and talent departments at movie premieres and product releases.Satrted back in 2013, he has since moved on to explore different avenues in the industry. In an attempt to safeguard the environment, he starts Tropic Laundry, recycling and implementing waste management systems to effectively to reduce misclassified waste.  Moving on he developed InsightCandy earlier this year, which is his newest venture and latest experiment in the arena of efficiently organising, managing reports, invoices, social media posts, and product inventory.

This creative soul has always had a lot to offer, with new surprises falling out of his hat at every given opportunity. With a diverse experience and undying passion to create something new from the old, he is definitely one of the most renowned publicist turned entrepreneurs of his time.

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