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Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Gateway to Super Specialist Doctors & Supreme Health Care

My Senior DoctorMy Senior Doctor is a platform for online consultation with medical super specialists and digitization of medical records

The platform provides access to medical super specialists in India from the convenience of the patient’s home.  In addition, a team of MBBS Doctors housed with the Company will cater to the first level consultation need of patients, and to improve engagement between the patients and the super specialists.

The digitization of patient health records can also be done to maintain and track complete medical history of the patient including their prescriptions, test reports and images like scans and x-raysover a chronological timeline categorized along with date parameters for ease of reference and anytime use.

Criticality of this need is felt by patients seeking a second opinion before hospitalization or before expensive surgeries, or even seeking opinion from the very best for acute medical problems. Patients could be from big cities or small, but the need would be imperative for small cities where access to good quality doctors and medical resources is limited. Patients in emerging markets could also benefit from this platform.

Also, there is a partner clinic program with referral doctors/partner clinics signed up in Delhi NCR to seek medical advice using this platform thereby enhancing the quality of their medical opinion to the patients.

We are creating a premium niche brand based on availability of super specialists on a single platform (currently comprising only 5% of the total doctor population in India).

App went Live on 1st Feb 2016 with 3397downloads and currently at an impressive level of 35000+ user base.


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