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Monday , 17 June 2019
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Gautam Gambhir lashes out on social media

Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir reacted strongly after the recent events where Videos of paramilitary jawans manhandled by Kashmir mobs went viral.

He said that “Our flag also stand for saffron – fire of our anger, white – shroud for Jihadis, Green – hatred for terror”

Gambhir wanted for every slap on an Indian Jawan, 100 jihadis needs to be killed. Later on the day Virender Sehwag joined supporting Gambhir.

The news became a sensation on social media with 11k RTs fr this particular tweet with 16k likes where as with regards to the flag, it saw 6k RTs and 11k Likes so far. The post also witnessed few thousands of interaction where in Pakistan supporters and empathizers lashing out of Gambhir but got more than that from the Indian tweeters.

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