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General Travel Insurance Vs Student Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an imperative part of any trip. It offers an insurance cover against unforeseen medical and non-medical emergencies that may arise when you are away on a business or a leisure trip. On the other hand, student travel policies are one of the types of general travel insurance and offer students an excellent financial protection while travelling overseas for study.

While both insure your journey and have clauses which are common, there are some parameters, which differentiate both of them. Let’s go in-depth to understand them in detail:

What is travel insurance?

Travelling has the power to transform us; it serves as a stimulant to the body and mind and produces a new sense of joy and enjoyment. So, whether it is a business trip or an exotic foreign trip, travel brings its own share of thrill and excitement. However, it is pertinent to protect your journey from all unforeseen circumstances. A comprehensive travel insurance policy ensures that your trip remains hassle-free and pleasant. Travel insurance, also known as visitor insurance, is a kind of coverage offered by insurers to cover policy holders against situations, such as loss of passport, trip delay or cancellation, and baggage loss.

What is student travel insurance?

Studying abroad is both an exciting and thrilling prospect. New places to explore, opportunity to meet people and academic challenges become part and parcel of a student’s life who wishes to study abroad. However, along with the excitement to unravel these beautiful moments, comes a sense of nervousness and vulnerability that what if something untoward happens in a foreign land?

Here, student travel insurance comes to your rescue. The policy offers financial protection and enables students to study worry-free. It has features, such as personal accident, emergency dental treatment, loss or delay of checked in baggage, and compassionate visit.

Travel Insurance Vs Student travel insurance

Parameters Travel Insurance Student Travel Insurance
Age Usually, it covers people in the age group of six months to 70 years Usually, it covers students in the age group of 16-40 years
Eligibility Travelling should be made either for business or leisure purpose The policy is offered only to students going abroad for study
Nature of the policy It is available in two variants—individual and family floater It is available only as an individual policy

 Further, there are some features which are exclusive under both the plans. For instance, while general travel insurance would cover baggage loss, it wouldn’t pay compensation in the event of interruption of study whilst abroad. Similarly, some travel insurance plans in India offer home insurance to cover your residence in India along with other lifestyle services, like home movers assistance, plumbing or electrical assistance. However, all these features are not available under student travel insurance plans.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are an individual globe trotter, a business professional or an enthusiastic student, overseas travelling is a thrilling experience. But, it also exposes you to a series of unprecedented challenges, which can be dealt with a good travel insurance policy. Both student and general travel plans ensure that you have complete coverage without any loophole which can otherwise deplete your finances and ruin your trip.

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