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Geneva Motor Show 2017 begins today

The 10-day long Geneva Motor Show, which is Europe’s biggest annual car show, had begun today in Geneva. The first two days will be press days, during which, car manufacturers are expected to make several announcements. The show will be opened for public on March 9. Last year, the footfall was a staggering 687,000. This year too, a similar number of people are expected to attend the show. Around 180 companies will be showcasing their products at the show including those from India as well.

This year, the focus will be on luxury and crossover vehicles. This year’s show assumes significance, as sales of cars in Europe has bounced back to reach levels that were last seen in 2008. After 2008, car sales had slumped in Europe due to the financial crisis. On a sectorial level, the focus is on improving fuel efficiency and limiting emissions. Volkswagen’s story is still fresh in the minds of people, wherein the carmaker had admitted that it had installed specialized software in around 11 million diesel engines globally to circumvent emission tests. Volkswagen seems to have survived the crisis, even though it had to pay billions of dollars in fine and compensation to car owners.

It may be recalled that CO2 emission norms have been tightened further in Europe, something that has put extra pressure on car manufacturing companies to deliver superior vehicles, all while avoiding cost overruns.

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