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Get Back Your Virginity [Designer Vagina]

In Indian Culture, women’s virginity is considered to be sole criteria of judging her morality. If a woman’s hymen is not intact on wedding night, her morality is put at stake. Though it’s medically proved that intact hymen or bleeding on first intercourse is not the sure sign of virginity. Lose of virginity depends upon many things; hymen can ruptured by non-sexual activities like intense sports, dancing, sitting astride on two wheelers, etc. Even then in modern age, scenario is same for women. They have to surpass morality test by proving their virginity.

In such scenario cosmetic surgical advancement of medical science has emerged as a boon for girls, now then can restore their virginity through minor surgery. In this procedure a plastic surgeon reconstruct a layer of tissue to resemble the hymen and get you your virginity back. Which is called Hymenoplasty. There is one more surgical procedure called Vaginoplasty, it is a type of vaginal rejuvenation surgery that seeks to tighten the vaginal walls. During vaginoplasty the walls of the vagina and vaginal muscles are reshaped and tightened which results in a more toned and tight vagina. Excess lining in the vagina is removed as well. These procedures are usually completed with secrecy and discretion. This surgery can be done at least 3-4 weeks before marriage, or as early as possible.

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