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Get Off the Beaten Path During Your Royal Holiday Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

For years, the breathtaking Mexican beach town Puerto Vallarta has been attracting tourists to its shores. Once nicknamed “The Friendliest City in the World,” the resort town has become a mainstay for travelers looking to plan the perfect sand-and-surf getaway. From the glittering strip of Bahia de Banderas to the surfer’s haven of Sayulita, vacationers and adventurers alike can always find something new to love about this small slice of paradise. Today, Royal Holiday Vacation Club is thrilled to offer even more options for fun, adventure, and relaxation during your family trip to Puerto Vallarta. 

With so many amazing beaches, restaurants, and hikes to take advantage of in Puerto Vallarta, it might seem easy to hit the high points and spend the rest of your vacation lounging on the beaches of Sayulita or Punta de Mita. However, for travelers who are looking to dive a little deeper, Royal Holiday’s centrally-located Torre Condomar Sunscape Resort & Spa, as well as the luxurious Park Royal Los Tules, put vacationers in an ideal situation for making the most of the Friendly City. From the Sunscape resort, take a short drive to Playa de Los Muertos, or the Beach of the Dead. Don’t let the name fool you: The shores of Los Muertos are much livelier than you’d expect. Featuring tons of opportunities for snorkeling, suntanning, and diving, Playa de Los Muertos sits beneath a cliff and stretches a half mile down the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. 

After spending a day on the beach, visitors tend to become inspired to commune with nature in an even more intimate setting. Luckily, the wildlife preserve and park Los Arcos, or “The Arches,” is located close to both Sunscape and Park Royal Los Tules. Placed between the twin attractions of Banderas Bay and the Lazaro Gardens, Los Arcos offers travelers a glimpse of deep-sea life by allowing snorkelers to get a peek at seals, wild turtles, and other types of endangered, exotic sea life. 

For Puerto Vallarta tourists who can’t get enough action, there are tons of opportunities for sailing, zip-lining, biking, and rock climbing near the beach. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed experience that’s still rich in culture and beauty, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is not to be missed. With its high arches and angelic crown, this historic site is a monument to the beauty of Catholic art and worship in Mexico. From there, it’s a short walk to the Romantic Zone, a small, intimate walking pavilion made for lovers. Partners planning a romantic getaway should plan on spending at least an afternoon in the Romantic district, sampling the outdoor cafes and soaking up the local culture. 

The great thing about Puerto Vallarta is that each day spent out in the sun, whether wandering the streets or laying in the sand, leaves you wanting more. Puerto Vallarta is more than just a vacation destination. It’s a small town packed with beauty and culture for visitors to easily tap into even in just a few days. The small, walkable streets and beaches of Puerto Vallarta make for an easy yet action-packed vacation full of beach hikes, sightseeing, and of course fine dining. Before leaving the city, don’t forget to spend a night drinking wine and feasting on ceviche at Marisco el Coleguita. After an oceanside meal at El Barracuda, you can even combine swimming and dining (safely, of course) before walking back to your Royal Holiday hotel. 

Like any great vacation, your Royal Holiday trip to Puetro Vallarta is what you make of it. Luckily, Royal Holiday makes it easy for guests to take advantage of everything the city has to offer, from day trips to romantic walks to sun-filled beach days. Even in the course of a few days, packing in a whale watching tour, a beachside stroll, and a waterfall hike is entirely possible when you’re staying at one of Royal Holiday’s exclusive resorts, placed square in the middle of all the action. 

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