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Girl candidates were asked to remove top innerwear at NEET exam

Kerala: Yesterday, a dreadful event happened when several female pupils were pursuing the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test at an examination Centre in Kannur district. In the Centre, girl students were asked by the supervisors to remove their top innerwear and change jeans in view of obeying the dress code for the exam which is set by the CBSE.

As per the applicants who came for the exam, the girls were told to remove clothes with metallic hooks or knobs as the procedures did not allow them to bring metal items inside the exam halls.

A mother of the girl said that it is appalling that her daughter had to go through such suffering and as she had no option, therefore, she had to remove her top innerwear to appear for the exam. She also mentioned that she is a teacher such incident will affect the confidence of girl, I am aware of consciousness of the teenagers. In this matter, we are now considering to go for legal action.

A girl who was a victim of this incident said that she is the 19-year-old girl and such occurrences have devastated us afar the imagination. She does not know how she appeared in the exam in such way.


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