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Give your kids abundant energy through these

Kids are fussy, indeed. It is very rare that they eat/drink healthy food as much as they should. In such a situation, we need to think of alternative ways to keep the required level of required energy in their body. Giving them juices and healthy drinks is one such alternative.

Below are two simple drinks recipe for kids:

1. Mango pineapple kale juice:

Peel and chop the mango before juicing. Juice all the ingredients, beginning with the kale. The pineapple and mango make a super sweet juice, which the kale helps tone down (and also adds big doses of Vitamin A,C, and K). Makes 1 8oz serving.


2. Apple and orange juice:

Juice the apples. Mix with orange juice squeezed using a traditional, non-electric hand juicer. Mix together and serve. Makes approximately 1 8oz serving. This is a good juice for beginners because it has common, beloved ingredients.


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