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Global warming Concept and furniture designed with 24 Karat gold Leafing was displayed

 at an Acetech Interior & architecture Exhibition in Mumbai
The Gold Leafing Studio had displayed various products such as furniture, walls, antiques and Global warming concept designed with 24 Karat Gold Leafing at an Acetech Interior & Architecture Exhibition in Mumbai. The Gold leafing Studio the flagship store of Shehzad Khan, showcases the heritage color in various vogue making it available to people.
Shehzad Khan Founder & Director, The Gold Leafing Studio says, “We manufacture real 24 carat gold and silver leaf and is the unaided such enterprise in world, delivering the ancient art of leafing (Gilding) in its real form, the length of to militant time and having added Copper Leafing, Bronze Leafing and Champagne Leafing for variety and creativity. The gold leafing studio understands the broad applicability of Gilding, and presents play-deed that encounter design and construction sensibilities of the epoch including cladding of Historical Places Gilding Restoration, Religious Temples Gilding, Residential Gilding for Private Homes, using Metal Leafing for Interior Design options and lifestyle products.
On designing with 24 Karat Gold leafing on Global warming Shehzad Khan says, “Global warming is the phenomenon of increasing average air temperatures near the surface of Earth over the past one to two centuries. Due to pollution and temperature we thought of this idea to highlight among visitors.”

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