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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Goat eats farmer’s savings worth Rs 62,000

In a bizarre incident, a hungry goat ate a farmer’s savings worth Rs 62,000. The incident occurred in Siluapur village in Talgram area in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Sources said that the goat was not fed properly, which is why it made with anything that came its way. The farmer, Sarvesh Kumar Pal, was going about his daily routine, and he had planned to buy some bricks that day, for which he had kept Rs 66,000 in his trouser pocket. However, before starting his journey, Pal decided to take a bath and he went inside the washroom while keeping the trousers with the cash in it outside. The hungry goat seems to have got a whiff of the currency notes, and it started devouring them.

When Pal came out, he discovered that most of the money was gone, devoured by the hungry goat. The total money kept in the trouser pocket was Rs 66,000 in brand new Rs 2,000 currency notes, but the goat had eaten most of them by the time Pal came out and realized what had happened. Only two notes were left and they too were mutilated beyond repair. Seems like a good lesson to not keep your goat hungry and certainly not keep your cash out in the open.

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