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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Gold Jewelries: Know why Indian women love them

Indians absolutely adore gold jewelries. We are sure you might have attended a “Big-Fat Indian Wedding” at least once in your quantum of existence. Now check through those wedding pictures. Can you see all those glittery jewelries around the bride’s neck? Well that’s what you can easily expect to see in any Indian wedding not just in case of the bride but also her relatives.

So, are you excited to know what could be the reason behind this crazy following for gold jewelries? Here are a few to go:

1-Gold is highly versatile:

With changes in the way jewelries are made in India, you can now opt for the sleeker and trendier styles for everyday use. Today, gold isn’t just restricted to weddings or posh functions. You can easily pick from a lavish collection of daily-wear designs or pair them with pearls or other precious metal to create a complete and chic look.

2-Gold gels well with Indian skin tone:

Regardless of the fact that silver or platinum also look amazing on the exotic Indian skin, gold always tops the ranks. This metal gels well with the honey-tinted wheatish skin. Imagine a glamorous diva decked with gold jewelries walking down for her first dance post wedding with that olive skin tone glazing in the light. Loved that scenario, didn’t you? Well, that’s the beauty of gold jewelries that tend to enhance your femininity in a vivid yet subtle way.

3-Gold is always in trend:

Some love to tone it down while others love to amp it up, as choosy as women are, they can never go wrong with gold. Having a piece or two of this classic metal is surely worth given the fact that you will never go wrong when it comes to styling your wardrobe with gold. Wear a classic gold nose ring with your spectacular dress or a big chunky set of jhumkas to go; you will always rock that stage with a gorgeous aura.

4-Gold is for life:

The best feature about gold jewelries is the fact that it can easily be remolded into any form, shape or size as desired. You can easily pass it down through generations without worrying about degeneration of the metal or the design going out of style.

With a plethora of reasons to pick gold, it is obvious that our sassy divas always pick this classic metal when it comes to being the star of the night.

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