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Friday , 26 April 2019
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Gold Medalist in Archery, Madorani Mardi compels to sell bow

Jamshedpur, Madorani Mardi is archery player who won Gold Medal in Archery games. She won 3 Gold Medal in State level Archery Competition while in national level archery competition she secured bronze medal.  The former archer is dealing with poverty and she wishes to sell her carbon bow.


After meeting with an accident, her husband is on bed and this led her to run family’s need and meet the financial requirements. With her great performance, she contributed in sports of archery and was anticipating support and assistance from State but help did not turn to the reality. It is expected the carbon bow will be sold out to approximate value of Rs.  1, 50,000/-. So this amount will help to her family needs.


Currently, she is providing training of archery in Kansturba Gandhi Housing Girls School. For this job, she is getting merely Rs. 3,000 for a month as compensation.  Madorani Maradi received carbon bow from Mr. Sanjeev Paul, secretary of Archery Association of India during her countless victories in state levels.

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