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Golden Hour Care and Emergency Response management highly critical

Chennai, September 13, 2014: The roads leading to the marina beach witnessed a freak accident involving a bike and a car, with many onlookers curiously crowding around the accident site. Accidents are no longer uncommon on Chennai roads, but what is becoming increasingly critical is the first response to such incidents.  In this particular incident, what emanated was a quick action and emergency response care by a team of ALERT volunteers.

 ALERT, an NGO that trains people in golden hour care and emergency response management in partnership with the Chennai Police and 108 conducted a mock drill and recreated an accident scene in one of the crucial stretch of the city to demonstrate what should be an ideal response to an emergency in a public location. The professionals from the stunt union simulated the accident scene

This mock drill was part of the “Mission ALERT” campaign that ALERT did as part of the World First Aid Day.  The second Saturday of September every year is earmarked as the World First Aid day and communities around the world run various campaigns to raise awareness for the need to get trained in first aid and various lifesaving skills.

 Ms. Kala Balasundaram, Founder and President, ALERT, said- “In the context where we are losing 17 lives every minute due to medical emergencies, we at ALERT feel that it is highly important to involve the public and sensitize them on the need to learn basic lifesaving skills.The drill was aimed at conveying that any common man can help in an emergency need and save a life with just a little bit of training, which ALERT is here to provide.Chennai Police and 108 have been doing a remarkable job in handling emergency situations and both were more than willing to support us in the cause to spread the awareness among the general public. The stunt union also readily agreed to be part of this campaign.”

ALERT had embarked on a weeklong “Being ALERT” campaign that started with a pledge that was taken through various medium on ’being alert’, the mock drill to demonstrate an ideal response to an emergency situation and culminating with a free workshop on “golden hour care and emergency response” for the general public at the IIT campus on the 14th of September.

 BEING ALERT campaign had an active participation and support from leading corporates like Royal Sundaram, Real Image, and Cognizant Technologies. The mock drill was facilitated and supported by The Chennai Traffic Police, 108 and the stunt union.

Driven completely by volunteerism, ALERT has trained over 30000 people so far spanning the last 8 years.

 About ALERT

ALERT is a non-profit organization that aims to spread awareness about wellness in the society. A first of its kind initiative in very many aspects, it has been started by a group of spirited and service minded professionals. As a first step towards this journey towards wellness, ALERT has undertaken Golden Hour Care and Emergency Response management as its core project. Through this project ALERT trains various sections of the society in emergency response and works towards building a better emergency care eco system in our society. This program is being taken to corporates, educational institutions, shopkeepers, homemakers, fishermen, auto\cab drivers and other social bodies. The mission is totally free from any commercial motive.“Train one in every family” in emergency care – A goal set by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam drives all projects at ALERT under the mission to preserve, protect and create awareness on the wellness of the society.

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