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Government confident of finding permanent solution for Kashmir problem

Speaking on behalf of the central government, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said today that the government is committed to restoring peace and normalcy in the Kashmir Valley. Rajnath said that some green shoots of peace are already visible in the Kashmir Valley. He said that the situation has improved as compared to last year, which bodes well for the future of Kashmir and its people. Singh said that he would meet everyone who is interested in establishing peace and normalcy in the Kashmir Valley. Singh utilized a metaphorical approach to describe the situation in Kashmir and said that the tree of peace in Kashmir has not dried up completely, even though it may have been hurt. To heal the tree of peace in Kashmir, the government will utilize a solution based on 5 Cs – compassion, communication, coexistence, confidence building and consistency.

Rajnath has met various stakeholders in Kashmir during his official visit to the state. He said that he is confident that a permanent solution to the Kashmir problem could soon be found. Rajnath said that he has come with an open mind and the government is ready to hold talks with separatists and everyone else who wants to resolve the Kashmir problem. He said that he is willing to visit Jammu & Kashmir 50 times every year, if required. He said that the government wants peace in the Kashmir Valley and has the conviction to achieve that goal.

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