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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Government school teachers start campaign to get more students in the schools

Haryana: In last year academic session, student admission has decreased exceptionally, as per the records; in the 2016-17 academic session,  only 22.45 lakh admissions were seen while in the academic session 2015-16, admission was about 26.19 lakh.

The records are collected for primary admission.  Parents are giving preference to private schools over government schools.  To address this issue now teachers have started the marketing method means teachers have started the door-to-door visit to inspire parents to admit their children in government schools. In campaigns, teachers are mentioning plus points of schools like teacher’s qualification, infrastructure etc,

General Secretary of Haryana School Lecturers Association, Bir Singh, told that Parents wish to send their children to private schools as they have the impression that the worth of education in government schools is not well and send children to private schools.

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