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Monday , 22 April 2019
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Government targets 146 districts to accelerate India’s population control drive

To achieve the country’s population control target faster,the government has decided to accelerate family planning measures by identifying 146 districts where the children born per woman is more than three and add up to 28% of population.

The health ministry is set to roll out “Mission Parivar Vikas ” in these districts to create family planning awareness.

The high focus districts are UP, Bihar, Rajasthan,MP, Chattisgarh,Jharkhand and Assam.

Though India’s population growth rate has declined, the pace is uneven across the states.

“These 146 districts are an obstacle in population stabilisation ” Union health minister JP Nadda said.

These districts accounts for 25-30% of maternal deaths and 50% of infant deaths.

According to government data , India’s fertility rate has declined from 2.6 to 2.3 at present.

So far 24 states have achieved replacement level fertility.

These includes states like West Bengal , Maharashtra,Gujarat and Punjab.

Apart from population stabilisation the programme aims to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Under this government will study the reason of high fertility rates and take measures.

As part of programme, the health ministry distribute kit to newly weds who consists of family planning and personal hygiene products.

Besides special buses called “Saarthi  Awareness on wheels ” will travel through these districts to create awareness.

The government will also create general awareness about condoms and pills.


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