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Government to allow the Internet on airlifts

Now the day is close when someone can access the Internet on flights in India. Lalit Gupta, Joint DG of Directorate General of Civil Aviation told that department is anticipating permission from the Department of Telecommunications, India for internet services on the flights.

He also said that Global airlines are interacting with the Indian flight ministry and Jet Airways and SpiceJet are also about to have Wi-Fi-enabled Boeing in the mid of 2018.

As per the provision at present seeing the security reasons, international flights are not allowed to operate Wi-Fi service in the Indian airspace. It is expected to get permission from the government in August month end so that flights can operate Wi-Fi services in the Indian airspace. 

According to the data, World’s more than 65 airlines give onboard internet so that travelers can do live-streaming, Emails and much more.

Currently, Jet Airways and Vistara give preloaded library content accesses to passengers and they can download on electronic gadgets by using the archive.

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