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Thursday , 20 June 2019
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Govt wants mandatory Aadhaar for I-T returns, PAN card

From July 1,  Aadhaar card will become mandatory for filing income tax returns and building PAN cards under the Finance Act -2017 cards . An official statement on Wednesday went to the announcement. As stated in the statement issued by the Ministry of Finance,

“Finance Bill to -2017, under Section 139 AA of the Income Tax Act -1961 tax returns will fill and essentially based on number of PAN card, which will be implemented from July”. That by number or by registration number of the statement will be eligible to be essential for those individuals who have Aadhaar cards.

Although section of the Income Tax Act 139 in AA the person who does not have aadhaar card will not be able to file  the tax or build PAN returns, which are not considered to be resident in the base act -2016.

The mobile number is also important for Aadhaar Card
Since it now also being based preparations necessary for the mobile number. All Mobile numbers will necessarily add to the Aadhaar card. Department of Telecom has sent a notice to the telecom companies in the mobile number of the subscriber that has been asked to make in relation to their aadhaar card. This process is said to be completed in a year.

However, based on the card made it clear to the Supreme Court that the government can not make mandatory basis to ensure their welfare. However, the court said the government can not prevent them from being used by other programs such as opening bank accounts.

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