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Greece: American tourist beaten to death

A group of 10 men attacked an American tourist and beat him to death. The incident happened when the victim Bakari Henderson, 22, was at a bar in the Greek island of Zakynthos with his friends Friday when a man approached him and they began fighting.

Greek police said Saturday that the arrests in the beating death of Barkari Henderson, 22, of Austin, Texas, included six Serbian nationals. Two people, a 32-year-old Serbian and a 34-year-old Greek national, have been arrested. Police are searching for others who may be involved.

Henderson suffered fatal head injuries in the beating on the island Zakinthos.

Zakynthos, an island in the west coast of mainland Greece, is popular among tourists for its cliffside beaches and sea caves.

Henderson recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in business finance and entrepreneurship, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The fight may have broken out over a petty argument. A police source said the argument involved someone setting their drink down on a table occupied by a different group. Outside the bar, a group of Serbian patrons allegedly attacked Henderson, threw him onto the road and started punching and kicking him.

The University of Arizona President expressed his condolences. 

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