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GST rollout: List of items exempted from taxation

In a special midnight session in the central hall of Parliament on Friday the GST will be rolled out marking the start of a new indirect tax system. 

While the new GST structure will see taxes increasing and decreasing on several sectors, there are some products whose prices will remain unchanged.

The list of items in the exemption list of GST include Salt, primary produce, flour, salt, milk, eggs, tea, coffee, gur, milk, eggs, curd, fish chicken, eggs, milk, buttermilk, curd, natural honey, fresh fruits, lassi, unpacked paneer, natural honey, fresh vegetables, fruits, atta, besan, maida, vegetable oil, Sindoor, Prasad, common salt, contraceptive, bread, bindi, primary produce, vermillion, stamp, judicial documents, printed books, bangles, and handloom products have been spared from taxation in the finalized GST.

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