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Gujarat-based businessman gives 125 two-wheelers to his employees

Gujarat: Surat is India’s diamond cutting and polishing center and good news in favor of employees is coming from Gujarat as a diamond entrepreneur in Surat has distributed 125 two-wheelers to the employees. The gift would have made employees happier. The company is performing well in spite visible slow economy and company has given its growth credit to the employee.

According to the news, Laxmidas Vekaria gave his 125 employees with the two-wheelers in form of yearly increment. The company had arranged a vibrant function. The company gave employees Honda Activa 4G model.

Last year diamond trade mogul Savji Dholakia gave away his employees with 1,260 wagons, 400 studios, and jewelry. Savji Dholakia’s company has 5,500 workers and under the loyalty program for the employee, the businessman spent almost Rs. 50 Crore, which is a huge sum.   

Laxmidas Vekaria started a diamond business in 2010, in short span of 7 years, the businessman made news by giving the 125 two-wheelers to his employees.    

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