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Wednesday , 17 July 2019
Breaking News

Gunmen kill 8 people in Thailand

At least 8 people are reported killed when gunmen opened fire in a house in Thailand after holding them hostage, as per the statement from the Police department. The death toll includes at least one child. The reports of this incident has shocked the neighborhood and the people of Thailand.

Police said the gunmen, who wore military-style clothing, had demanded to search the house.

The attackers held those in the home, including the chief, captive for several hours before shooting them and fleeing in a car.

Three people were also seriously injured in the attack, which police believe stemmed from a personal dispute.

The eight were killed in the southern province of Krabi, which is a popular beach destination, after the gunmen stormed the house late on Monday and held the inhabitants hostage before shooting them, police said.

Thailand has a high rate of gun ownership and many people carry guns for their self-protection but such mass shootings are very rare.

According to the Interior Ministry, there are 6.1 million registered firearms in the country of 67 million people. But there are also many unregistered guns in circulation.

The southern province of Krabi is known for its beaches and cliffs, and is popular with tourists

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