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Gurugram: Shiv Sena shuts 500 shops selling meat products

The Shiv Sena has averred more than 500 shops selling meat products across Old Gurgaon which includes KFC in sector 14 , Gurgaon were closed down due to Navratri

Workers of the party went to the shops in groups of 50 people each and demanded to shut down the shops on account of Navratri as well as on all Tuesdays.

Media Coordinator Ritu Raj of the Shiv Sena stated that the shopkeepers close their shops themselves during Navratri last year but lot of them did not shut their shops so we ran this campaign.


As per Raj – Notices had been sent to the meat shopkeepers last three days back , requesting to keep their shops shut during the whole Navratri days and on all proceeding Tuesdays.This campaign was done peacefully and the shopkeepers obeyed our requests voluntarily said “Raj”.

However, the shopkeepers said that they had no option but to close down because of the thorough strength of the opposite side. The meeting will be held by tomorrow and decide on the course of action.

Shopkeepers may even file a police complaint regarding the matter.

Commissioner of Police, Sandeep Khirwar, meanwhile, said investigations will be conducted when a complaint is filed. “We haven’t received any complaint yet. But we cannot allow people to close shops illegally,” said Khirwar.

Sandeep Khirwar – Commissioner of Police meanwhile said investigations will be conducted when a complaint is filed as no complaint has been received yet and we cant allow shopkeepers to shut shops illegally.

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