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Guys Expressed The Few Thing Women Do Before sex

Just the way you smell:
I personally feel that one of the most important things that a girl does before having sex is watch how she (or her breath) smells. Good fragrance is a major turn on and the effort a woman makes to smell good is SO hot!

Gentle kissing:
Not too much, never too little – kissing needs to be done just the right way. Gentle and with a lot of passion is what is super duper hot and absolutely irresistible!

Dirty talking, of course:
Not many people know but guys love it when girls nibble around our neck and ear. It is such a major turn on and I just love it when she does it. In fact, I don’t mind a few whispers of dirty talk while she is at it.

There is a completely different charm when a woman dominates in bed. It is hot, it is irresistible and it is everything that I would want for myself, every time we’re at it.

Tying that hair up!
When she ties that hair up in a messy bun, you know sh*t is going to get real. Love it when she wraps her hair up in a bun before going down on me!

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