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Sunday , 20 January 2019
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Happy 10th birthday iPhone

Ten years ago, a computer was something that hurt your foot if you accidentally dropped it. Mobile phones were devices that were chiefly used for making phone calls. Today, the idea that we can’t use these palm-sized pocket computers to command all our digital communications, and also as a camera, games console, torch, and a hundred other things, is quite unthinkable.

It’s common for security experts to regard themselves as necessary critics, guardians against malpractice, and raisers of worst-case scenarios. While there is a very present fear of insecurity these days, it’s rare that we celebrate security. But on the tenth anniversary of a revolutionary technology, we’d like to do just that: happy birthday to the iPhone, first released in June 2007.

There are now more mobile devices than people on the planet. You only have to glance around on trains, in the street, or in cafes to see how increasingly lost we are in screen time. We don’t just hold our phones, we cradle them.

It is ten years since the iPhone’s release to the general public. And so now seems a perfect time to reconsider our love of technology.

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