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Harassment of women can't be tolerated, says Ivanka in Japan (Lead)

Tokyo, Nov 3 (IANS) US President Donald Trump’s daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump said here on Friday that sexual harassment of women should “never be tolerated”.

Ivanka Trump’s visit came just two days before the US President’s scheduled arrival in Japan on the first stop of an Asia tour.

At a World Assembly for Women, she spoke about boosting equal participation in “traditionally male-dominated sectors of our economy” but there were many empty seats that officials blamed on tight security restrictions, the BBC reported.

Ivanka Trump’s father had been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault, all of which his representatives denied.

Accusations of groping, forced kissing and walking unannounced into changing areas at beauty pageants were made against Trump when he was running for President.

Past weeks brought heightened focus on sexual harassment around the world, which was sparked by the accusations against Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, continued in the #metoo movement where victims shared stories online, and already claimed the job of a UK Cabinet Minister, Michael Fallon.

When asked last week about the claims against Trump, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said all the women who made the accusations were lying.

At the Tokyo conference, Ivanka Trump said: “All too often, our workplace culture fails to treat women with appropriate respect. This takes many forms, including harassment, which can never be tolerated.”

Speaking at the same summit, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said his government was also trying to bring more women into the workforce.

Ivanka Trump also spoke about women in Japan who have inspired her, praised Abe’s paid family leave policy and also referenced the Prime Minister’s “womenomics” movement, which implemented policies for increased female participation to achieve economic growth.

Travelling on a 14-hour commercial flight from Washington, she was met at the airport by Ambassador William Hagerty and his wife Chrissy.

“This is my first visit to Japan, and the warmth you have shown us, the beauty of your landscape, and the vibrancy of your culture are truly incredible gifts to all who come to this country,” she said.

Ivanka Trump said US and Japanese societies were at a “critical juncture” with the opportunity to fully empower working women, CNN reported.

“Today we are redefining success, we are discarding the old formula of the ideal woman, the ideal worker, the ideal mother. We are helping to shape a more realistic and complete picture of what it is to be a woman who thrives and who helps her business, her community and family do the same.”

She laid out “four fundamental changes that will propel women into the future” of the global economy, highlighting the real estate developer turned entrepreneur turned senior adviser to the President’s work in the West Wing.

Friday’s speech also addressed a broader message of empowering women in countries that prevent them from leading.

“Countries like the US and Japan cannot be complacent. We must continue to champion reforms in our own countries while also empowering women in restricted economies,” she said.

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