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Harish Salve charged Re.1 for appearing in Jadav’s case

When the court appearance by eminent lawyers will run in lakhs, if not in crores took a beating when the news about Harish Salve’s fee was made public yesterday. Salve who is appearing for the famous Kulbhushan Jadhav case against Pakistan for illegally detaining him, with the case pending before ICJ presently, has charged a mere Re.1 for the case.

When a person by name Sanjeev Goyal tweeted saying that India could have hired a better lawyer for the same fee which Salve charges usually, Sushma Swaraj, the External Affairs Minister of India tweeted in response saying that Mr.Salve took a paltry Re.1 as the appearance fee. Her tweet read as “Not fair. #HarishSalve has charged us Rs 1/- as his fee for this case (sic).”

The ICJ on Monday has listened to the arguments from India and Pakistan. Though it is believed that Pakistan Media has shared a different story altogether with India’s inability to produce proper evidence and explanation in the case, the reality was a reverse. It was Pakistan who was dumbstruck in the court as they could not argue on the case effectively.

While Pakistan alleged that Jadhav is a member of RAW , India said he was picked from the border of Afghanistan/Iran where he was doing his business after retiring from the Indian Navy. The case has assumed importance with Pakistan refusing to budge to India’s appeal and claims.

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