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Harjit Sajjan – Canada’s Def Min urged to quit

The opposition party in Canada has urged the Justin Turdeau led Govt to sack Harjit Sajjan for overstating about his military records in Afghanistan during the speech in India.

Sajjan claimed that he is probably the “architect” of Canada’s largest military operation – “Operation Medusa” which dealt a serious blow to Taliban who until then had a grip on Kandahar province, but at the cost  ofdozen Canadian & 14 British soldiers. The  offensive took place in 2006.

“It’s come to light that the minister of defense has misled Canadians once again and it’s a big one,” said Rona Ambrose, leader of the opposition party Tories who had recalled that Sajjan having made a similar claim during the 2015 campaigns.

Sajjan apologized repeatedly in the House of Commons for the “stolen valor” incident which refers to the false claiming of war experiences or military honors that was not earned. He however has found support from the PM who is standing with him. The opposition wanted him not to apologise but to step down.

Mr Sajjan is a decorated former military intelligence officer. 

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