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Hassan Rouhani wins Iran President election for the second time

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected yet again as per the announcement made by the state television. This was a much expected victory but certainly not the margin. Hassan was one of the powerful leaders the country has ever seen.

In the election which saw close to 41.4 millions being cast, Hassan secured 57% which works out at 23 million votes while his counterpart Ebrahim Raisi received 38% of votes which worked out to 15.7 million votes. After the victory, he vowed to “remain true” to his promises being made. 

The election saw some 70% of Iranian voters coming to vote and this massive victory gives him all the powers to seek reforms in the nation that is riddled with lot of troubles. The decisive victory gives him a strong mandate to seek reforms and revive Iran’s ailing economy, analysts say.

Hassan tweeted saying “Great people of Iran, you’re the winners of the election.”

The economy seems to be the number one challenge. Mr Rouhani, 68, signed a nuclear deal between Iran, the US and other countries in 2015 post which international sanctions were lifted. Though Iran is rich in oil which has helped it fight inflation, the unemployment remains high.

The election has been extended by 5 hours due to the active participation of voters which saw some 5 million voting in Tehran itself. This is almost twice the voters turnout when the election took place earlier in 2013.


Iranians are hopeful that the President would lead them to the path of success and betterment.

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