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Health benefits soy milk

Soy milk is highly effective in regulating cholesterol. Soy milk does not contain saturated fat and is purely cholesterol free. Nutritionists suggested that the proteins in this milk aids to reduce bad cholesterol and enhance good cholesterol in the body. It is proven in a study that the percentage of bad chelostrol in the persons who consumed soy milk is low compared to those who consumed cow milk.

Soy milk is a perfect healthy diet. It doesn’t loose its nutrients property even after boiling. It is a perfect milk to those who cannot digest sugar of milk. Therefore soy milk one of the best alternatives to the people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Soy milk, is best for the weight conscious people. This milk is rich in proteins, sufficient Vitamines, minerals and fatty acids is very good to reduce weight.

Postate cancer which is now very common desies worldwide can be prevented with the regular intake of soya milk. This milk is rich in plant hormone called phytoestrogen. This hormone in men can slow down the testosterone the lower testosterone level in men prevent the risk of prostate cancer.

Higher risk of heart desease joint pain, obesity, age related problem and various problem can be resolved by drinking soya milk.


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