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The male climacteric is different from menopause.It comes in the sixties or seventies and progresses at a very slow rate with the general aging of the entire body there is a gradual weakening of the sexual and reproductive powers.Secretion of testosterone may begin to decline at any age but the magnitude of the deficiency increases with advancing years.The climacteric actually comes in old age.but men who are in their forties or fifties have symptoms similar to those which women develop during menopause.They are emotional or social and not physical in origin.Rajan working in well known college at Chennai in knowing he is an impotent when his parents seeing alliance he did not stop the marriage and married her and tortured her with out giving any sexual satisfaction and know separated from that girl and living with his parents.what are major characteristic of male climacteric girls should find in boys when they are married and make them undergo treatment or get separated from them are

1.Decline in functioning of the sex organs : After fifty rhere is a gradual decline in gonadal activity through occasionally men have children in their seventies and eighties.

2.Decline in Sexual desire : Following the decline in sex organ functioning there is a decline in sexual desire.this is largely due to a decline in gonadal functioning and partly due to psychological causes such as unfavourable marital relationships,or business,economic or family worries

3.Decline in Masculine appearance : Decline in gonadal activity results in loss of typical masculine characterstics.For example the voice become higher in pitch.there is less hair on the face and body and the body becomes slightly rounded especially the abdomen and hips

4.Anxiety about virility :As masculine characterstics related to appearance and behaviour are replaced by feminine characterstics.some men become concerned about their sexual vigor.This may lead to impotence

5.Physical discomforts:Middle aged men report symptoms of depression anxiety,irritability,tingling sensations in their extremities ,headaches,insomnia,digestive disturbances,nervousness,flushes,fatigue and many minor aches and pains.some of these conditions are real whereas others may be imaginary.

6.Decline in strength and endurance:There is a decrease in stamina and energy partly due to poor health and partly due to gonadal deficiency.When a decline in strength and endurance sets in men may feel  that they are losing their virility.

7.Personality changes: the feeling that they are losing their virility may have dangerous consequences.They may get involved in extramarital affairs,engage in activities that lead to break up of the family or ignore the responsibilities pertaining to their work

The male climacteric syndrome is a combination of physiological constitutional and psychological symptoms.It is associated with hormonal changes .some people like rajan created complex and leave their wife.their wife will live with him with out an babee because of true love.but this impotent affected people wont realise the true love and make the true hearted girl life in to question mark.if he live with that girl he would get all the affection other than sex and more than his parents but they think inferior and couldn’t able to realise the true this affected people have to go to counselling and accept their wife and live happily by adapting a child because with out a partner their life will be empty because their relatives will not be their with them life long true love only will stay that only life partner can give.

By: Praveena kumar

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