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Healthy eating habits for pregnant women

We all know how important it is for pregnant women to take care of their diet and lifestyle. It is imperative for them to be extra cautious and monitor food intake. Below are certain tips to be healthier during this important phase that will help have a healthy baby:

1. Consider having a low sugar and low cholesterol diet to avoid excess weight gain. Try to drink lots of water and fluids to keep your body hydrated. Eat homemade healthy food to keep your body strong and fight against infection

2. Try to avoid foods like fish with high mercury content, maida, alcoholic beverages, caffeine, high fat diet etc., from the first trimester to have a safe and healthy pregnancy

3. Sleeping early and following a regular bedtime routine is one of the best lifestyle choices for a healthy pregnancy. Have a properly ventilated, clean room to have good sleep. Do not compromise on personal hygiene owing to pregnancy discomforts because most pregnant women are prone to infection

4. Taking care of your body is only half of the work; it is important to keep a clear mind and check on your emotional stress when you are expecting. Although pregnancy hormones are responsible for the changing moods, you can control them through mind relaxing activities like yoga, reading, catching up with old friends, gardening etc


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