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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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HELPOST BACKGROUND is an idea which was conceived on a very practical problem that arose in my day to day activities. Having moved to a new office I needed a plumber to fix my bathroom fittings, and hence I went through the whole regular process of asking people around me for a good plumber, contacting JUSTDIAL, contacting other local search engines, ‘googling’ it, but this process was very vague, I got a few random numbers, well they were plumbers, some were too busy, some were too expensive, and some were just too far away, rest were not reachable. To be very honest, it was a few hours of very simple plumbing work, which anyone but me could have done it, I am not too good with tools. 1 week down I was still unplumbed.

Then was born the idea, what if there was a social network just to get help for all needs, maybe daily needs or professional needs, no companies, but just individuals, offering help and getting help, could be free could be chargeable, based on their location, people closest to each other finding each other for the right purpose at the right time.

HELPOST is an all stop ‘Prosocial- professional and social networking platform’ based primarily on #hashtags having trademark registration as per the provisions of Berne Convention.

Helpost is a web portal for help seekers and help providers i.e. two different segments of people- the segment that needs help and the one who wants to help. It is a platform where the seeker and the help provider meet to satisfy their service needs, say an ill man needs a doctor, a person needs decor consultancy from an interior designer, or a customer needs an electrician, etc.

On Helpost, people make a post to seek help (help could be anything from looking for repair persons to High end professionals, from advice to maybe directions, from emotional guidance to call for SOS) by using different relevant Hashtags. Other people around them, based on their skills and locations can view the job post and mutually connect. They can directly search for relevant people for the help/job by searching particular skills.

All you need is a basic knowledge of #hashtagging to use the portal, and the rest shall be done by your skills. Helpost is a very convenient way to flourish your business, and make noise not only in your region but worldwide. Thus, it is a platform which caters to all the basic and daily needs of life and makes life hassle free, over a phone call.

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