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Here is a guide to buying simple gold chain for men

Are you willing to buy the best gold chain for males? Gold chain is the most popular male jewelry item. There are many styles and types of gold chains available. You need to adopt the best approach to choosing an appropriate one. This section will guide you through the purchase of simple gold chain.

The various kinds of gold chains

Before you make purchase for gold chain, know the types of gold chains:

  • Cable gold chain is the oldest yet the simplest kind of elegant gold chain exclusively for men. It is characterized by single links joined together to form a chain. Either you may wear it alone or include a pendant in it.
  • Looking for sophisticated gold chain? Why don’t you choose curb gold chain? The type of chain has sophisticated design whereby the links curb to desired directions. The links may be round shape, square shape at the edges.
  • The Italian Figaro Chain is a popular kind of curb chain having varied links. The chain may assume various forms. Look for the one with slim or thick design. When compared to traditional curb chain for male, the design of Italian Figaro Chain is interesting.
  • Rope gold chain has several links in rope style or in rope pattern. If you are to use pendant, then rope gold chain is the best choice. This is so because the chain is durable, robust and tough. As the chain is less braided, it is fairly cheaper and worn around the neck.

The quality of gold matters

Whether you are buying a gold chain, a ring or bangles, what matters is the quality of gold. As the carat count increase, the price also increases. The 10K gold is cheaper than the 18K gold. But, 18k gold is purer and gives more resale value. As the metal gold is soft, the gold retailer or seller has to mix some other metals like silver to make that strong. The purity of gold in jewelry pieces is expressed as number. When 24K gold is purest, 10K and 14K gold are least pure.

The three types of chain

The following are the kinds of gold chains:

  • Solid gold chain is popular type of gold chain made from only gold. The purity of gold is expressed in terms of carat
  • Filled gold chain only has the filling of gold and has goldish finish. Gold is melted with other metals and the chain is made. If you are in less budget, you can go for it
  • Plated gold chain only has the plating or coating of gold. Here gold is the outward layer of some other metal.

Consider the chain length and width

Choose a gold chain that defines the style of person in the best possible way. Consider the quality of gold that is used. Aspects like how pure and what the carat count should be considered. The length of the chain also needs to be considered. Standard lengths can be 16 inches approx. Chain bracelet can be 9-10 inches.

With the online stores, you can find gold long necklace designs with price in rupees, gold rings, gold chains, pendants, earnings and a variety of pieces.

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