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Here’s how Karan Johar has planned the nursery for his twins

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan launched his book titled, Master of Masters recently, and Karan Johar was the guest of honour at the event. During media interaction, Karan opened up quite a bit about his life and love for music, his mid-life crisis, and how he planned the nursery for his children.


When Karan Johar was asked to give a couple of tips on how to bring up children, he first said that it is too early for him to advice and said, “I think, I wish parents would encourage their children to listen and not just watch. The problem with the younger generation is they just watch and have stopped listening. They are so absorbed in watching, that if they just listen to the sounds of life there is so much to absorb.”

He also said, “I have come from a generation which made me respect people. The younger generation shows love and respect very differently. When I was a child, my father taught me that when he takes me to a party and introduces me to someone in English, I was supposed to shake hands with them, and when he would introduce me to someone in Hindi, I was supposed to touch their feet. And now I think the new generation meets elders and seniors very casually. Technology has killed romance and conversations.”

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