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Here’s how you can groom your bikini area, without waxing

Waxing isn’t for the faint of heart. And especially if the case is of getting one’s very intimate and sensitive body parts, such as, the bikini area. You must have been looking out for options to avoid the pain of waxing, and here we are. Presenting to you a list of alternatives to waxing of the bikini area:


1. Shaving has been and always will be a popular pubic hair removal option because it’s so darn easy

2. Sugaring is a delightful Middle Eastern-based waxing alternative that uses natural sugar paste to remove hair from the root — making it perfect for the ultra-sensitive bikini area

3. Hair dissolving products made with natural ingredients are always worth a shot, especially if your bikini area is chemical-sensitive. Look for a product with calming ingredients like chamomile, tea tree oil and cane sugar

4. Over-the-counter hair removal creams can work… at your own risk. Make sure to test a small patch of hair first to check for a reaction. Never, ever use on highly sensitive skin

5. Clippers: Pubic hair trimmers are inexpensive and easy for beginners. Clippers are your best bet if you want to minimize hair without too much weeding


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