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Here’s why celebrities wear bigger size shoes!

Have you ever noticed the shoes of the celebrities at the red carpet? Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, female actresses tend to wear shoes that are at least one size bigger. And this is not a mistake that they end up pulling off smartly. There is actually a lot of planning and thinking about it.

Celebrities often have to wear high heels for hours on end and there’s nothing glamorous about swollen, painful feet. Hence to avoid these repercussions, they wear a shoe size that is bigger so that their feet can breathe and they can pull it off easily for long hours without much pain.

But don’t compare these with the usual way we would experience wearing an oversized shoe. It would be equally uncomfortable for us since our feet will keep on coming out of it and we would not be able to walk even two steps without getting imbalanced. Hence, when these female actors have to wear such shoes, there are a lot of ‘things’ applied to it. Apparently, larger-sized heels won’t rub or pinch and the shoes are kept from slipping off the feet by stylists inserting silicone pads or double-sided tape inside the pumps.

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