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Wednesday , 20 March 2019
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Here’s why Farah Khan lost 10 kgs in 4 months

Farha Khan has lost significant weight recently.On her 50th birthday, she had decided to become slimmer and healthier, and since then she has been working towards it.

On being asked about the weight loss, Farah Khan said “I am an older mum to three kids who turned nine this year. I need the energy to keep up with them. I want to have healthy years on me so I get more time with them.” She added “The compliments motivate me. I was tired of wearing long, slimming kurtas. Once you are a smaller size, it’s easier to get good, ready-to-wear outfits. Though shedding weight is a struggle, looking and feeling great is the reward as is pulling off sarees and dresses for my TV turn.”


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