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Here’s why you should not sleep too much

Please accept the fact that some people do sleep more than what there body and mind needs. It is always said that 8 to 9hr sleep is max for a person to stay healthy and energetic. However, if you fall under the category of those who need more than nine hours of sleep to get their body functioning again, here is some bad news for you. There is a whole list of health problems associated with sleeping too much.

Diabetes Risk:
A study from Quebec found that people who sleep for more than eight hours at night were twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes or a malfunctioning glucose tolerance over a six-year period. On the other hand, people who slept between seven and eight hours in night showed no signs of being at risk, even after controlling differences in body mass.

Depression Risk:
Many people for no such reason go for a sleep. Sometimes if someone mood is bit low for the day they go for sleep. This is not at all going to help the person it will make you more restless when you wake up and later leads to depression. Hence the maximum sleep that one can have is 9hr of sleep.

Increased Pain:
While many times it can seem intuitive to rest more when we’re in pain, research shows that in some cases too much sleep can exacerbate symptoms. Back pain can worsen from too little activity or spending too much time in bed. Combined with staying still for a long period of time, these factors mean many people awake with worse back pain especially when spending longer amounts of time in bed. Oversleeping is also linked with higher rates of headaches.

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