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Here’s why you should stop sleeping in AC

We all know and have been witnessing also how the mercury level is on a constant increase. In such a condition, air conditioner are our only respite. Be it our homes or offices, we live by air conditioners have have been kind of addicted to it. However, these ACs that gives us so much of relief from the heat, actually harms us significantly. Below are some ways in which they affect our health.

Low Humidity:
Air conditioners also dehumidifies the air in addition to lowering the surrounding temperature. Low humidity levels may cause dry mouth, cracked lips, skin dryness and even dehydration in some cases. Skin cells may die due to lack of moisture, causing itchy, red and flaky skin. It may lead to dryness of the scalp, which causes hair damage (such as hair fall, split ends, etc.). Dry air may also cause itchy eyes, sinus and respiratory problems, bloody noses, allergies and other drastic effects.

Mold and bacteria:
Mold & bacteria formation in air conditioner coils may cause one or more of the following problems: Foul smell, increased allergy risks, increased risk of air-borne bacterial diseases, decreased efficiency in air conditioner, higher power consumption, etc.

Hot and Cold:
Certain change to hot and cold weather leads to cold and cuff and its obvious that when outside is 40 to 42 degree and you are sleeping in 16 degree whole night it’s not going to help you lot.

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