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Friday , 26 April 2019
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Here’s why your workout might not be visible on your body

Many of us feel at times that our physical work out does not affect us significantly when we compare it to the effort we put in. There might be several reasons for it. Below are some possible reasons for the same:

Exercising a lot:
It is mostly a psychological issue. People who exercise a lot or at least think they do, tend to eat a lot more. The general idea is that when one is exercising so much, one should eat. This has also been proven in a recent study. Snacking a lot while having the impression of exercising is dangerous, and is a reason why you are exercising and not losing weight.

Not enough sleep:
Here is yet another reason that might surprise you. Not getting enough sleep is the reason why your body enters a carb-and fat-craving mode, which means you are prone to eating unhealthy. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep in a day is the best option for those who are not losing weight.

Eating junk food:
A lot of people think that because they are exercising, they can eat whatever they wish to. We are here to tell you that this is a myth that needs to go, as this could be harming you. Eating junk food that is fried and full of condiments can be disastrous for your weight loss goal. Always remember to eat healthy, no matter what is the situation.

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